about alicia

Celebrated author, motivational speaker, self-help coach, marketing guru, and branding expert Alicia Eunice is becoming widely known for her ability to help clients overcome their self-limiting beliefs and become more confident and self-fulfilled. Known as the Candid Coach, Alicia is gaining an increasing number of 5-star reviews from happy clients.

On a mission to inspire people to manifest a blissful, magical, conscious and vibrantly illuminated life of health, wealth and love, Alicia shows her clients how to create their own realities and control their own destinies.

“I was born with the desire to help people,” Alicia says. “I’ve always been highly sensitive and intuitive, and I just seem to know things about people. It’s just second nature for me. I have the ability to help you find the answers you’re looking for in life – it’s why I was put on this earth!”  

Alicia adds that as a child and teenager, her sensitivity overwhelmed her. It took her a number of years to discover how her gifts should be used. She now offers a variety of services that include the following:

  • Big Thinkers Enlightenment Session
  • Chakra Balancing & Healing Session
  • The Journey Begins Enlightenment Reading 
  • Spiritual Enlightenment Journey Reading 
  • Intuitive Enlightenment Session 


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